Hi Everyone! I love the tv show Heartland so much one reason is because my church's name is Heartland. And another reason is because I love horses I am horse crazy. And also the girl Amy Fliming reminds me of me, and my love for horses. Ever since I saw Episode 1 of Season 1 it wass like Amy was me because my mom left me and my dad when I was starting 4th grade. But also Gorge also reminds me of me because I like to take big risks like she does. I also have alot of these Schliech horses and I had  one who looked liked Spartin so I named him spartin and I named a lot of my horses that looked like the horses of the sho after them I also named so of my barbies after the charcters of Heartland too. I have to say that my first favortie TV show is Heartland and the second has to be Sprit Ridding Free the Tv show on Netfix, and I am on like Season 9 of Heartland I really hope that they make more of Heartland cause its like my church's tv show now. And like everyone in my church is watching it and they all love it.